Hello Savory Warriors! 

Today i'm not gonna reviewing about foods as what i usually do.I believe every girl ever dream about their wedding at least once, right? You might have dream about a good or a bad wedding. 

Since i was a little girl, i always dream about what kind of dress that i would like to wear at my wedding dress. I always love went to every wedding party if i'm invited. Because when i went there, i saw many of beautiful gown that the bride wear. Every girl dreams of their wedding dress.

So, i think this post suits for whoever want to get marry soon. Especially for whoever want to get a perfect wedding dress on their wedding day. And the answer of all of that is Cocomelody. Cocomelody sell a designer wedding dresses , they have a very beautiful details and design. So, here's my picks.

They're so pretty right? and they have a beach wedding dresses too. it's suits for whoever want throw their wedding party at the beach. it's quite simple but so amazingly beautiful. they have a long dress collections and short dress collections. So here's my picks for beach wedding dress.

Go get your favorite wedding dress as soon as possible! and don't forget to use code : W10 (wedding dresses $400+, excluding cleareance items) for 10% off discount! this promo will end at June,30 So what are you waiting for? Go grab them!

Evelyn Halim 

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  1. Wonderful pics.

  2. Made post with CocoMelody as well. They're one of the best brand of wedding dresses and produce wonderful gowns.

    Love, Fads

  3. Amazing dresses and lovely blog post :)

  4. I also shared about this shop! Great post!

    - Seri

  5. Thanks for sharing these awesome bride dresses! These will be helpful in choosing my wedding dress. It’s my wedding in couple of months and we have been busy in choosing best Los angeles wedding venues until now. Got one finally and now all focus is on wedding dress.

  6. so cool and awesome post. Right here is a few beautiful wedding gowns.

  7. beautiful dresses!

    Click and find out more about the store's website!There are many beautiful dresses.glamchase alternative prom dresses reviews You will love it!