Hello Savory Warriors!

Everyone's still raving about this restaurant that is located in Senopati, that has been opened since 4 months ago. People doesn't rave about the cute looking place, that is insta-worthy. People raves about the amazingly delicious food they offer.

Gioi is always full of visitors since December 2016. They offer Indonesian-Asian fusion food. To be honest, I'm kinda skeptical with fusion food. As usually fusion food tastes more something than the other something, and the combination is not good. Surprisingly, things are different in Gioi. The food is perfected in both sides, no more something, and the combination is always perfect, two things always complimenting each other. 

The most raved dish is Salmon Lodeh. And of course I have to try it. No surprise, it was so good. The salmon is perfectly seasoned and cooked, and the taste even enhanced by the Indonesian-styled soup. It was perfect. Another thing I tried off of the menu is Sate Lilit. Sate lilit is a very popular Balinese cuisine. Slightly different from the original one, Sate Lilit here in Gioi is a little bit spicier, and the texture is more chewy, otak-otak-ish. But it surely beats the deliciousness of the original one.

For the drink, I tried lychee yakult. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one too. They said this beverage is very refreshing. And it’s true! This beverage is so refreshing, sweet and sour in a perfect portion. Would be the perfect drink for breaking the fast.

Overall, I would recommend Gioi. The food is just bomb. The chef knows what he’s doing (lol). I would definitely come back and try more of the menu.

Savory Warriors

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  1. Oh wow, it sounds amazing!
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  2. Wow, those fusion foods look awesome! *mouthwatering* Wish I could visit Jakarta immediately! I am curious to try Salmon Lodeh though !



  3. Sounds good! Always game to check out food and insta-worthy places.

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