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Hello Savory Warriors!

First let me introduce myself!

My name is Cresentia Evelyn Halim. Evelyn or most people call me eve. Yeah, that's the way they call me. Who was born in Jakarta 14 October 1996. I'm a marketing student in Prasetiya Mulya University, majoring in marketing. Being a famous marketeer is my dream job. Foods is my favorite things to increase my happiness. I think foods is like connecting door for relationship. I can meet new people, creating relationship and sharing the love with people who have the same interest in foods.

Just like the sayings, good food is good mood, i think foods are able to spread some happiness with no boundaries. 

This blog is filled with my interest about foods and a little bit of reviews about the places/foods that i already visited. So you'd better take a cup of coffee and enjoy. ♥ 

Currently i'm using my Samsung NX3000 camera for my daily shoots. If you have any questions about me or anything don't hesistate to contact me! 
E-mail : cresentiaevelyn@gmail.com
Line : evelynhalim14
Whatsapp : 08170046490

Evelyn Halim

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  1. Lovely post! Have a great weekend! :) xx

    Vildana from Living Like V (my first outfit post's on my blog) & Stalia Is BAE

  2. **ambil segelas kopi, mulai ngulik blognya**

    Udah malem, gak boleh minum kopi hihihihi


  3. Lovely post! Have a great week! :) xx

    New Blog STYLLEA

  4. Nice to meet you! I'm also a food lover: this world is full of amazing tastes!

    Greetings from Portugal :)