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Who doesn’t love brunch? For me personally, brunch always gotta be my favorite meal! More and more all day brunch place is opening in Jakarta. But I was so excited when I know Sensory Lab is opening here, all the way from Australia.

The place is quite spacious with industrial inspired decor. It is kinda too good to be true to be located inside a mall.

Food wise, no doubt, it was excellent. At first, I was so full of confusion. Everything seems so good, I don't know what to order. Finally, I decided to order 'Shrooms on Toast and Breakfast Burger.

Breakfast Burger 70K

'Shrooms on Toast 55K

What I like the most about the food they offer is the uniqueness. They use maple for the breakfast burger which somehow compliments the savoriness. The chips they serve as the side dish is also hand made, which give 'em an extra point. Their 'Shrooms on Toast tastes uniquely satisfying. The mushroom was cooked perfectly, and the truffle cream succesfully perfecting the whole dish.

I would definitely come back to this place to try their other menu. Their coffee tastes pretty okay too, which I think it's a crucial factor. Overall, this place got an A+.

*photo courtesy: Zomato

Sensory Lab
Mall Kelapa Gading 3 & PIK Avenue

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