Surprisingly to all of us, Sydney’s culinary offers so much not only from the brunch spots, but also desserts play a big role for the city’s culinary reputation. We managed to visit some of the famous ones that you should not miss!
1.           Café Cre Asion – CBD
Another amazing place located in a hidden alley, this little cute café has 4.7 rating in Zomato! Our friend took us here to try the famous green tea lava cake and macaroons. We actually forgot the exact price of the desserts but nothing over AUD $10. The photos will explain the beauty of the dessert and will make your moth water.

2.           Gelato Messina & ZUMBO – Circular Quay
This is the famous area where you can see Darling Harbour and Sydney Opera House! Aside of the beautiful places, there are lots of famous cafes and restaurants you should try. We tried  so-they-said the most best gelato in Sydney! You got to try the flavors before placing your order and there are seasonal and limited flavors as well. ZUMBO has great macaroons with pretty colors and they made the macaroons so delicious without being too sweet and the natural flavors played the part.

3.           KOI Café and Dessert – Central
Indonesian pride! This café is owned by chef Reynold Purnomo, younger brother of Chef Arnold Purnomo the judge of Masterchef Indonesia. Reynold himself got the name “King of Dessert” while he was competing in Masterchef Australia. Each of the cakes are very beautiful and delicious. They are quite pricey where a cake costs around AUD $15 and the special seasonal dessert will cost around AUD $18-20. Our winner goes to the truffle cake that was the current special menu when we visited.

4.           N2 Gelato x Black Star Pastry – Vivid Sydney 2017

Vivid Sydney is the most awaited annual event in the city where they transform some famous areas around the city into a light show. Not just light and music beauty but you can also try amazing food tenants they provide during the week of Vivid. We were lucky that this year there is a special collaboration between N2 Gelato and Black Stay Pastry where they made glow in the dark desserts! And yes, they glow in the dark like crazy. The taste was delicious as well! The next time any of you managed to visit Sydney during May until June, make sure you try the food tenants in Vivid because they will surprise you!

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